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The best tricks to procrastinate less and be more productive, this is how I managed to change my professional life

Everyday life is marked by the performance of numerous routine tasks that distract our attention and reduce productivity levels. Thanks

The deadline for SMEs is ending for a rule with fines of 600,000 euros in Spain, you need the complaints channel

The Treasury, Social Security and the Labor Inspection monitor your company and you know it, but now any anonymous whistleblower

Many NVIDIA employees have become millionaires this year. And for NVIDIA it is a problem: they no longer want to work

Nvidia is being one of the main beneficiaries of the rise of artificial intelligence, although its role is not direct

From a year of transition to one of moderation of inflation

This Wednesday the Federal Reserve has confirmed something that has been perceived for several weeks. It has not touched interest

Spain’s pension plan is based on worker productivity gains: we have very bad news

Before leaving the Social Security portfolio and moving to Digital Transformation, Minister José Luis Escrivá launched his so-called 'Escrivá reform',

International tourism reaches pre-pandemic levels

This year, finally, international tourism will leave behind the collapse caused by the pandemic. The good expectations seem to have

TikTok revolutionized everything with its short videos. He now he wants them to be longer and longer

In 2018 there was an unexpected revolution in social networks. TikTok, the platform that sparked the fever for short videos,

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Your one-stop resource for medical news and education.