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Understanding External Debt Dynamics and Economic Stability

In recent years, one of the most significant developments has been the reduction of Spain's external debt, marking a positive

Understanding Spanish Students’ Life Satisfaction by Autonomous Communities: Insights from PISA 2022

Exploring PISA 2022 Insights on Spanish Students' Life Satisfaction The release of the PISA 2022 report in December 2023 unveiled

Understanding the Struggles of Young Freelancers: Insights from TikTok

Recently, there has been a growing realization among the youth regarding the challenges of freelancing. They perceive it as a

Real Estate Market Affected by Interest Rate Hike in 2023

Property Rights Transfer Statistics | December 2023 In 2023, the number of homes sold (both new and used) amounted to

“Top Bank Deposits Recommended by OCU and Three Equally or More Profitable Alternatives”

Introduction: The new year presents challenges for savers, with the European Central Bank maintaining interest rates at 4.5%. Meanwhile, the

“Understanding Changes in Spanish Income Tax (IRPF) for 2024: Implications and Insights”

Navigating the Complexities of Spanish Income Tax (IRPF) in 2024 The landscape for workers in Spain is becoming increasingly challenging,

Assessing Healthcare Technologies Efficiency in Spain: Regulation and Practice

In a recent post on this blog, we outlined the concept of Health Technology Assessment (HTA). It seeks to answer

“Telefónica’s ERE Concludes with 106% Voluntary Withdrawals: 3,640 Requests for Voluntary Resignation”

Introduction: After months of tough negotiations between the telecommunications company and employee representatives, Telefónica's ERE (Employment Regulation Plan) has concluded

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