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Economic Review of a Politically Charged Quarter

As we close the first quarter of 2024, politics once again looms large, affecting many aspects of our lives. This

The Unconventional Journey: From iPhone Hacker to Apple Intern and the Email That Changed Everything

Introduction: For nearly 17 years, the iPhone has stood as a pinnacle of innovation, evolving with time while maintaining certain

Spain’s pension plan is based on worker productivity gains: we have very bad news

Before leaving the Social Security portfolio and moving to Digital Transformation, Minister José Luis Escrivá launched his so-called 'Escrivá reform',

Digi is the key to unlock the merger between Orange and MásMóvil. This is the agreement they have reached

Orange and MásMóvil finally close their agreement with Digi. The agreement reflects the remedies or conditions linked to the consequences

International tourism reaches pre-pandemic levels

This year, finally, international tourism will leave behind the collapse caused by the pandemic. The good expectations seem to have

TikTok revolutionized everything with its short videos. He now he wants them to be longer and longer

In 2018 there was an unexpected revolution in social networks. TikTok, the platform that sparked the fever for short videos,

Calm after the storm: after two years of decline, mobile sales are booming

Smartphone sales are far from their golden moment. After a peak of almost 550 million units distributed at the end

Netflix advanced him 10 million euros to make a series. He melted them in cryptocurrencies, Rolls Royces and shares.

Controversial, audacious and suspicious. British writer and film director Carl Erik Rinsch could hardly be described as controversial, audacious and

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Your one-stop resource for medical news and education.